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The things you discover….


My sister was wondering why, in the Bastarz cover of “An Alley,” U-Kwon pulls out a lint roller and rolls himself. I was like, Well, I know he says “cat” in there, but I don’t know what the rest of it is–maybe I’ll get around to translating it one day, but probably someone else will translate it first.

And low and behold, JBTC did translate it–but the translation makes it sound like U-Kwon is singing complete nonsense.

Now, it certainly wouldn’t too shocking if U-Kwon just decided to do something like that, but YDG was singing along during the broadcast, and he’s totally the kind of guy to do that sort of thing, too, so I looked up the 2002 version of the song and found that part.

Then I Googled “Kim SuHan Moo” (and lets just be grateful I didn’t start with “Yang SuHan Moo,” otherwise I’d still be lost) and discovered what is actually going on–it’s a tongue twister!


You want to know something: Stuff like this is exactly what sucked me into Korean entertainment in the first place.




It’s been nice seeing some sanity result from Seolhyun’s latest “scandal.”

But I do feel obligated to point out that, even if you spend money on an idol, you still have no right to control their life. A lot of the commenters criticizing Seolhyun’s haters seem to waaaay too comfortable with the idea that the problem is that these guys are cheap, and that if only they had paid money for Seolhyun’s photobooks and whatnot, then they would then own her, body and mind, and be able to dictate her actions. Not true.

Of course I love this too



And once again we see Bastarz, a unit with two rappers and two dancers, magically showmanship itself into a unit with three rappers and three dancers!

There’s also just a lot to be learned here about doing a cover performance. For starters, they took a solo song and very naturally made it into a song for three people–so much so that I was wondering if YDG had other people on the original song. He didn’t. (I should note in the interest of accuracy that YDG’s song is a remake of this song–which is really old skool.):

Giving the bridge to B-Bomb lets P.O back him up, which both works with the original sound and covers for B-Bomb’s soft voice and limited experience as a rapper.

And they don’t just play up the whole retro-80s thing in the choreography, they actually reference some of YDG’s performances:

So they did a really good job on a lot of levels!

ETA: I have to add that I have often wondered if U-Kwon can still do this:

And you can see that he doesn’t get down quite as far these days–but then again, he’s doing it as part of a choreography where he has to get back up out of it (with P.O’s help) very quickly. So…maybe age is taking a toll on our favorite mutant, or maybe it’s just that it wasn’t practical for him to go down all the way. Hard to say. (Yeah, he’s probably just getting old. I can dream, though.)

EATA: You can get the song on iTunes! (How am I supposed to fit that onto when Taeil’s song just came out? Everyone’s being too industrious!)

E(one more time!)TA: I thought P.O’s rap at the 1:50 mark rang a bell:

Still love this song!

(This post is like a Festival of Tangents, isn’t it?)

Burning down Yonsei University


Zico had an awesome set there, and a fan cammer was in a good position to catch it–definitely check it out, there’s a lot more than I’m putting here.

It actually started as the sort of performance Sponsored by Technical Difficulties.

Then they moved that computer!

The whole performance is great, but what’s really cool is that there were different cammers, so you can see Zico have the audience practice The Wave here:

And then do it during “Boys and Girls” here:

And watch the audience singing along to “Turtle Ship”:


ETA: Ooh! Someone has a half-hour version here; I haven’t watched it through yet, but I would think that would be the entire set!

EATA: I watched it, and it was awesome. Also, this:


Cool performances



Whoo! I really like this one, I think because they all have the skills and experience to play off each other in performance. It’s that exact quality that I think is missing from your standard idol-group performance, so it was nice to see it on a television broadcast. There’s a lot of good musicianship out there!

(Plus, hee:

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 2.23.14 PM

That’s the kind of honeywand I have! Minis forever!)

And as I was poking through the Mnet YouTube channel, I realized that Penomeco has been hitting it out of the park lately!

Wow! Remember back when nobody would bother to credit him on fancams? Go boy!

ETA: Oh, well, this one REALLY takes the cake!



The Korea Herald did an article on why K-Pop groups are less likely to tour Europe, which is worth a read. Block B and other acts have managed, of course, but it brings up some of the logistical issues (you just need one promoter to tour the entire United States vs. many for Europe) that complicate tours there–and I would assume many other parts of the world as well.

One thing the article doesn’t mention that I’ve noticed is how much more complicated it can be to pay for tickets outside of North America, especially if you don’t live where the show is taking place. It’s super-easy for me to get tickets on-line for pretty much anywhere in the United States and Canada–I can roll out of bed and buy tickets for shows in places like Los Angeles and Vancouver (and if I buy the tickets on my phone, I don’t even have to roll out of bed!)–but that’s not the case everywhere. I think that would hamper sales for a passionate niche genre like K-Pop, because people do tend to travel for those shows.