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Prizes are in the mail!


We had a holiday weekend, so I wasn’t able to put the giveaway prizes in the mail until today. If you live in the U.S., they should probably be there by the end of the week (I have tracking numbers if you need them). If you live outside the U.S., it’s usually 6-10 days to get to your country, and then however long it takes for your domestic postal service to deliver them to you (I have custom numbers if you need them). Everybody enjoy!

The winners are….


The random number generator has smiled upon:


I have send you all e-mails, so please get me your mailing address ASAP. (If you’ve won before, I don’t save this stuff, so please send it to me again.) If I don’t hear from you by the 22nd, I shall run the random number generator again and pick someone else!

You know there’s a giveaway happening, right?


It’s right down there–yes, it’s mostly pretty pictures, which clearly are not a huge draw for Block B fans (imagine my shock), but there’s a CD in there, too. And who doesn’t want a sleazy pirate desk calendar, especially one that contains no actual sleazy pirates? (I may need to work on that pitch.) At this point these things are pretty much yours for the asking, so give it a shot! I’m just going to throw it into the recycling if you don’t!

Pretty pictures giveaway!


One thing that I don’t quite understand is why Block B bothers doing pretty pictures of themselves–I mean, it must sell, but why? There’s no reason why everyone should think the way I do, though, and my limitations can be your gain!

Yup! I’m giving away pretty pictures! Here they are!

Pretty Pictures #1: Block B in USA Photobook


This is JUST the photobook. Photobook ONLY. NOT the DVD, which I will never give away. The photobook ALONE.

It has been unwrapped, and the DVD is gone. I leafed through it once or twice when I first got it, but it’s like new.

Pretty Pictures #2: Block B in USA Poster

This came in a tube with the photobook. I took the poster out of the tube very carefully to photograph it, returned it to the tube equally carefully, and then realized that my camera phone had decided to focus on the air six inches in front of the poster.

Rather than take the poster out again and risk damaging it, I’ll just tell you that it’s the same photo as on the cover of the photobook. It measures a little bigger than 18 x 24 inches.

Pretty Pictures #3: Dodgy 2016/2017 Desk Calendar

IMG_1699 IMG_1700

My sister got me this for Christmas because I needed a calendar; unfortunately, it’s not the kind of calendar I can actually use (the dates are just a line of numbers across the top of the new pretty picture you see each month).

Yes, my sister knows I’m giving this away and is cool with it–we’re adults, thanks.

You’ll notice that this 1. is NOT the official Seasons Greetings calendar, and 2. the picture on the 2017 side is from the Skoolooks campaign. Yeah, I’m guessing this calendar infringes not a few copyright laws. But it’s not like you’re paying for it–the damage has already been done, so you might as well enjoy the calendar!

Pretty Pictures #4: U-Kwon Edition of the Japanese Version of “Conduct Zero”


“Hinko ZERO!!!!” This contains the Japanese version of “Conduct Zero” and “Charlie Chaplin,” which are both great songs in any language, plus a photobook containing pretty pictures of U-Kwon. It’s been opened and the CD has been played (and digitally ripped), but it’s in like-new condition.

How do you win these pretty pictures?

We’ll do it like we did the Japanese stuff giveaway: Leave a (non-anonymous) comment that says which pretty pictures you would like to win. You can name more than one item: You will win only one item, but I will try to make sure that all the winners get something they actually want.

Winners will be selected via A RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR, which chooses winners RANDOMLY.

International entries are OK, and don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away–I have to approve comments from new people.

The contest will close…um…let’s say January 15.

Good luck!

This ‘n’ that


I’ve mailed out the prizes to the giveaway winners: If you live in the States, I sent them first class with tracking, so you should have them by Monday or thereabouts–if there’s a problem, let me know, and we’ll look up the tracking number. If you live elsewhere, the packages should arrive in your country in about 10 days. How long it takes from there to get to your actual home, the United States Postal Service dares not say–to them, the world outside our borders is an unknown and terrifying land where parcels (not to mention parcel carriers!) are routinely eaten by dragons.

I leave you with this.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.36.57 PM

I just found it amusing.

And the winners are….


The winners of the fabulous Block B Japanese stuff giveaway are:



Crystal Wang




Alak Hyuga

I have sent the winners an e-mail, so check your spam boxes and get me your mailing address! If I don’t hear back from you by…let’s say Friday, I shall run the random number generator again and select a new winner!

(And if you’ve won before–you’ll need to send it to me again, sorry. I don’t hold on to this stuff.)