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New winner


The new winner of the Retro Giveaway is Nour! I have sent an e-mail; if you don’t get it, contact me here. Your deadline is Thursday!

And congratulations!


Where’s that winner?


Two of the winners of the Retro Giveaway have contacted me, and their prizes have been mailed. I haven’t heard from the third. So, if you won and haven’t contacted me, or if you e-mailed me your address but you haven’t heard back from me (“YUM” says the Great Server Monster), please contact me today! Otherwise I will have to award your prize to someone else!

Retro giveaway!!!


Lately, it seems like every time I turn around people are offering up warmed-over Block B-themed slop from years before. The release of Television triggered the umpeenth “Zico is leaving Block B/doesn’t love Block B any more” panic, as well as another comeback attempt from the “Lies = JUSTICE!” Problematic Crew. Show Me the Money is having another meaningless controversy (not-so-secretly encouraged by MNet) that will only make the show even more popular. Crazy people are once again angry that U-Kwon still won’t marry them treats fans with such! disrespect! by insisting on having a girlfriend who isn’t them. Even dumb old Svensprink tried to re-upload “That Song that Sounds a Whole Lot Like ‘Toy’” onto YouTube (you’ll be astounded to hear that it didn’t work out for him).

Since I never tire of being tied to a tired trend, I figured I’d hop on this bandwagon and do my first giveaway in well over a year! I don’t have a lot to give away, and none of it is especially new, but a lack of anything worthwhile to offer isn’t stopping anyone else, so why should I let it stop me!


ITEM #1: Zico’s Gallery CD

Since I bought the Zico Special Edition CD, I don’t really need Gallery.

Contains “VENI VIDI VICI,” “Eureka,” “Pride and Prejudice,” “Boys and Girls,” “Predator,” and “Say Yes or No.” It has been opened and the CD’s been played a number of times (because it’s awesome), but it’s not damaged. Comes with a mini-poster of a drawing of Zico (see the toes?), about a million photocards, the little thingy you can stick to the back to turn the case into a picture frame, and of course the case itself.

ITEM #2: A silver “B” necklace

It’s not really silver–just pot metal. The little star is gold. I don’t know much else about it because I haven’t taken it out of its package, but it looks cute. I bought this from YesAsia when I got the Q-Chan DVD in order to qualify for free shipping. According to them, the chain length is “39.5 cm + 5.5 cm” long, which translates to 15.5 inches + 2 inches. It’s smaller than it looks in the picture–I did a close-up shot for detail.

ITEM #3: The Japanese version of “Toy,” B-Bomb edition

Contains the Japanese versions of “Toy” and “A Few Years Later.” Contains the CD (played only once, in order to rip the songs) and a B-Bomb photo book (which contains quite a number of the reflection-in-the-window shots that made me decide to buy this particular edition in the first place–photo books aren’t really my thing, but this is definitely a nice one).

In addition, the retailer decided to throw in a bonus photo card of U-Kwon wearing a shirt that says, “YES SIR.” Yup–someone’s a shipper.

The rules!

These, of course, are also the same as before…and before….

Leave a (non-anonymous) comment that says which pretty pictures [ED NOTE: CHANGE TO “ITEM”] you would like to win. You can name more than one item: You will win only one item, but I will try to make sure that all the winners get something they actually want.

Winners will be selected via A RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR, which chooses winners RANDOMLY.

International entries are OK, and don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away–I have to approve comments from new people. [ED NOTE: ADD] Of course, if you’re just commenting to comment and don’t want to win anything, please make that clear in your comment.

Let’s have this close August 1st! Good luck!

Prizes are in the mail!


We had a holiday weekend, so I wasn’t able to put the giveaway prizes in the mail until today. If you live in the U.S., they should probably be there by the end of the week (I have tracking numbers if you need them). If you live outside the U.S., it’s usually 6-10 days to get to your country, and then however long it takes for your domestic postal service to deliver them to you (I have custom numbers if you need them). Everybody enjoy!

The winners are….


The random number generator has smiled upon:


I have send you all e-mails, so please get me your mailing address ASAP. (If you’ve won before, I don’t save this stuff, so please send it to me again.) If I don’t hear from you by the 22nd, I shall run the random number generator again and pick someone else!