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Uch. So, I’ve complained about Wikipedia and their…unique…attitude about sourcing in the past. Other people did Zico and P.O a few years go, and then last year someone managed to get a Park Kyung page up.

I got asked by someone on Wikipedia to do a Bastarz page–at first, I was like, Do we really need that? but she pointed out that most other group sub-units have their own page, so I went ahead and did it with her guidance. Recently someone got a Taeil page up, and I was like, I should stop being defeatist about this, so I did U-Kwon, which went OK.

And then I decided I should give Jaehyo or B-Bomb a shot. B-Bomb’s written more songs, but the only one to chart was “Tightly,” which is a Bastarz song. Jaehyo, in contrast, has done more variety appearances…

…except of course Wikipedia is now cracking down on variety appearances. This is the problem with Wikipedia: They’re like overly-permissive parents who periodically get born again–first they let you do everything, and then all of a sudden they put the hammer down, and you can’t do anything. For example, they’ve decided that AllKPop and Soompi are unreliable, so now if you use those as sources the citation gets stripped out…of an article with, like, 30 or 40 AllKPop and Soompi citations. (I don’t know what’s going to happen when they realize that the Korean source material isn’t any better.) Thanks to the new policy, they pulled Taeil’s filmography altogether, which isn’t really appropriate under their own guidelines. I let that slide since he has a pretty robust discography, but I did reinstate Zico and P.O’s stints on The Show after they were yanked, because those were not any kind of one-off.

Anyway, I managed to get Jaehyo up (immediately prompting someone on Tumblr to whine about B-Bomb not having a page–I don’t see you helping, do I?), but because I was a good little camper about not citing Jaehyo’s every last appearance on everything, ever, and because the person who cleared it pulled out some of the things I did put in, there’s a notability challenge on it.

Since basically everything on that page is the desired independent secondary source that offers more than a trivial mention of the subject, I can’t really decide what to do. Given that every time Jaehyo says or posts something that is vaguely entertaining, there are like five lazy Korean press stories about it, I’m tempted to massively over-cite everything (just listing every source for his Fishing News appearance would probably add 10 make that dozens of footnotes), but I’m not sure if that would be considered OK or deeply obnoxious. Part of me wants to wait until the next thing Jaehyo does and then add back in some of the things that were stripped out, but it might get pulled down before then.

ETA: I kind of split the difference, bulking up the Fishing News citations–I’ll wait on the rest. The problem is that Jaehyo is known in the Korean press as basically a social media personality–so he posts about wanting to buy homemade kimchi from fans, and they write articles about it. But that doesn’t really fit into any of Wikipedia’s little boxes….

EATA: I rallied today and bulked out the rest–we’ll see if this works. It annoys me because they’re SO inconsistent (I guess I’m too used to a professional environment, where there’s more of a focus on efficiency). If you look at the discussion I linked to above, they get all up in arms about cameo appearances, which OF COURSE should not be included!!!…and then you look at the filmography for some Western model, and it’s all cameo appearances. I’m not arguing that Jaehyo’s cured cancer or anything, but he IS a big celebrity in Korea and often gets press coverage for the littlest things. I mean, if every last fucking Kardashian gets a page….

…and of course, the answer is no! Adding more citations doesn’t make for notability, even though more citations is exactly what was requested! Well, I’m done with this for now, I don’t want it to turn into a pissing match–we will leave it up to the next slob who comes along.




(Naw, I wasn’t planning on unwinding tonight with some wine and episode 2 of Show Me the Money.…)

Anyway: Block B Japan decided to drop a couple of bombs. There’s going to be a special project CD featuring P.O, U-Kwon, Taeil, Jaehyo & B-Bomb and a variety of yet unnamed Japanese musicians. And before then, U-Kwon & Taeil (as T2U) will have a national tour!

If you’re wondering, why U-Kwon & Taeil? Well, Taeil’s already had three solo concerts in Japan, and U-Kwon released a single there and was in Q-Chan (which was pretty darned amusing, I will say). So it makes sense–plus, it’s not like these are huge venues or anything.

But it’s nice! Good news all around–and more music, which is always a win in my book!

(And butthurt Korean fans will announce another boycott in 3, 2, 1….)



So, Park Kyung is having a soundtrack song come out…and fuck my life, I hate these things! I won’t even put soundtracks on the Albums & Singles page!

Why? Because they’re completely fucking inconsistent about how they distribute them in the Western market! It’s as bad as the songs Zico did for Infinite Challenge–sometimes they wind up on iTunes, and sometimes they don’t! Sometimes there’s a video, and sometimes there isn’t!

Like with the show Park Kyung is doing, they did a video for the OST for part 1 and part 2, but not part 3 or part 4, so will they for Kyung’s part 5? No idea. Parts 1-3 are on iTunes, but part 4 isn’t yet, so will part 5 be? Especially any time close to the actual release?

This leaves me with nothing to link people to–nothing I can point them to that isn’t pirated. So I wind up either having to ignore the release completely, or having to link some pirate video like I sometimes have to with television performances.

Neither option makes me happy….

ETA: It’s on iTunes! Yay!!

Odd bits


I’m traveling, so I’m updating when I can (which, come to think of it, is also what I do when I’m not traveling).

And of course I’m being presented with some weird quandary that I’m maybe not in a good position to evaluate: Zico’s making a university appearance. I’m never quite sure what to do with those things–I used to err on the side of putting pretty much any appearance on the schedule page just to let fans know that the group was working. But now that they’re so successful, I tend not to so much because I think (but am never quite sure) that university appearances are supposed to be limited to students. The same thing has happened with fan-only events, or album signings, or ones where you have to do 47 different things to maybe win a chance to see the group–if stuff is supposed to be limited to a certain audience (other than: people who bought tickets), I feel like putting it up could even cause trouble because people who aren’t supposed to be there could just show up. So that’s my logic right now, in case you were just DYING to know,

And this is kind of interesting: Two of the Korean fan photographers are going to be doing some kind of exhibition. I just want to throw that out there to emphasize that just because someone is a “fan” photographer doesn’t mean that they’re not a very, very serious photographer–a lot of them sell their work and the like.

Oh, and K-Con Japan is getting me some good traffic–both right after it was held and after it was broadcast on television. Nice!

This is why I’m paranoid!


This is why I’m so particular about what I put on’s Schedule page. These people are out there….