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I’m just going to point this out


You know Zico’s totally new and utterly respectable hand sign for Fanxy Child?

좌 #dean @deantrbl 우 #zico @woozico0914

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It’s an “F,” right? For Fanxy Child! I mean, what else could it be?

Funny thing: He used to make the same hand sign an awful lot a few years ago.

I guess I’m doing this post in honor of his birthday? But yeah, one of the benefits of getting all old and respectable is that you can recycle the completely obscene tropes of your youth, and no one gives you shit about it. (Probably because they’re too young to understand it, goddam kids….)


Zico, Zico, Zico!


Somebody managed to do a near-complete, high-quality fan cam of Zico’s performance at the Lime Tree Festival–it’s really nice, especially his use of a live band.

(Meanwhile in Japan, fans are being told to stop taking pictures of the Taeil/U-Kwon concerts. Le sigh. Hopefully that will ease up when the tour ends. ETA: Here’s one of U-Kwon! And Taeil!)

Anyway, the amusing thing from all of Zico’s festival performances this summer is–remember how people used to complain that Block B was “Zico & Friends”?

There it is! Not Block B, or Fanxy Child, or Buckwilds, or even the Zico/Babylon/Eden lineup KQ has been booking lately, but when the combination gets totally random in terms of group affiliation, “Zico & Friends” it is!

Bad-attitude Zico is the best Zico


Somebody’s not handling the big push for the finale of Show Me The Money very well.

Not shocking, considering how he was before the show even started.

Of course, Zico has a certain reputation to uphold….

Hurry on out, so that I can mud you!