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This is a little much, don’t you think?


Cute puppies AND a nice sweater!




I guess because it’s a winter comeback and a serious song, they’re styled a bit classier, so this has been quite the time for sweaters.

There’s this one:

which looks pretty cool from what I can see of it, although the coat is in the way.

There was also this one from the video:

Which Barney’s has for the low, low price of…$1,395.

Seriously, Zico? I just spent less than that for seven days at a resort, and I thought that was a bit pricey.

And then there’s this one:

Oh, boy. This one is actually available outside Korea for $120 (plus shipping), which is expensive but not, you know, $1,395 laughably expensive…. And it comes in small or large, so there’s a possibility that it might fit…but look what happened when I tried a Japanese large. Plus I just got a bunch of sweaters for Christmas. (ETA: And it’s out of stock!)

So, I’m saying no. But I’m tempted!

ETA: And look at what U-Kwon and Taeil are wearing here! So jelly….

Taeil & B-Bomb!

Just a little perspective here


I came across these today:

Now, Junoflo is a guy who has, what, 9,000 followers on Twitter? No serious following on OneHallyu, no music-show trophies, no major hits, no screaming hordes of fans lashing out angrily at anyone they perceive as getting in his way.

It doesn’t matter. Dude’s happy to be making a living doing what he loves. This contentment–this internal and personal emotional state, which so rewarding that people who could make more money in another field will work in the arts instead just to get it–is what gets lost in all the bean-counting and horse-racing and chart-ranking and fan-warring that goes on out in public.

And this isn’t just something that happens in K-Pop by any means. The whole thing where people who aren’t players sit on the sidelines and try to judge who is hot or not happens all the time, and for artists it is exactly like when a bunch of dumb frat boys hold up signs with numbers on them to rank the disinterested women who pass them by on their way to doing something far more interesting with people who aren’t a complete waste of space.

It’s not about whether a bunch of idiots think you’re cool–it’s about what you’re doing with your life. And there’s something profoundly gratifying about working in the arts, whether or not you are fulfilling somebody’s else notion of success.