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See? Quality entertainment


I was just looking through Block B Styles, and oh yeah:


ETA: OK, now the Inkigayo performance is up, and P.O is not only wearing my grandmother’s earrings, but you know that tall furry hat he was wearing in the video?

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 11.32.33 PM

That is an honest-to-Good coonskin cap, my friends.




Prepix covered “Fanxy Child”!

And this one has been around for a long time, but it’s still cool.

ETA: Rie Hata did one, too!

That’s P.O, all right!


I’m watching Temperature of Love (which is pretty good–and really nicely shot). P.O plays a staffer at a restaurant, and in one scene the staff decides to go outside and run footraces as a kind of bonding exercise.

P.O is so not even acting there. He’s genuinely that excited to run in circles on the grass (on! the! GRASS!).

A happy accident


I was trying to explain what Chuseok is apparently like in Seoul to a friend, so I went looking up an old Eat Your Kimchi video. At about the same time, iTunes served up “Winner,” and the result…was worth sharing.

I don’t have the skills to replace the soundtrack, so you’ll have to mute the sound on the top video and then hit play on them both as quickly as you can.

ETA: If you’re wondering if any major Block B announcements will be made during Chuseok, just watch that top video. No, NOTHING happens during Chuseok. And the holiday is extra-long this year.

Yes, these dumb campaigns affect real people


So, the model whose butt got cut from the teaser posted about her experience, and a fan translated it. (Thank you!)

I’m really glad that the model was so honest about it–I was worried enough that she might have been cut from the whole thing that, when the video came out, I figured out from her tattoo which model she was just to reassure myself that she was still in it.

We were sort of blathering on earlier about socialist and material feminism in the comments, but this is why I prefer that to the kind of feminism that is all focused on pictures in magazines and hoochies in videos and whatnot. This is this woman’s job–as it was, she worked very hard for something that got cut, and if she’d been a bit less fortunate, she would have undergone all of that (plus the time spent getting made up and ready for filming) and not even had a clip for her lookbook to show prospective employers.

It’s about having empathy for other people and understanding that everyone has the right to make a living. This is what I don’t like about this K-Pop fandom culture that’s all about believing that your every last fantasy should be made true, because you are the center of the universe. (And you’re not being utterly selfish, you’re being “feminist,” or “empowered,” or otherwise “political“!) I’m all for approaching media critically, but if you’re saying that another woman should be shafted just so you can more easily fantasize about a K-Pop group, that is not feminism.