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Thoughts on my first translation


Well, that turned out to be a doozy, huh?

I think that, as a strategy to get me to work on my Korean, it worked great–I’m going to move on to the SNL GTA skits next.

As for the quality of the translation…eh. Use with caution. I’ve cleaned up a couple of places where I was paying more attention to word order than to endings (English-speaker habit!) and where I just had a wrong word (I’ve found more dictionaries! Progress!). But mainly the issue is that the skit has all these long, comically pretentious speeches–those were really difficult to translate. Hitting one of those was like hitting a wall, and I’m pretty sure that’s in no small part because they don’t make an overwhelming amount of sense in Korean, either.

Since I don’t really know the references, I’m working in the dark in that respect as well. Like, in the basketball scene, I just changed “I am now” to “My time is now” because, although the formal is more literal, I think the latter is more the kind of vainglorious sports-themed BS* the writers were poking fun at. (I mean, look up “Slam Dunk manga” in Google Images. Jesus.) Was that the right call? The wrong call? I don’t know.


* Why yes, I was working on this instead of watching the Seahawks game. How did you know?


The Snottening!


The boogerification of the Zico…the mucus-filled finale….


Outside the school at night. ZICO faces off against the students

JANG SUNG HOON: Acting improv battle–you only get one shot. Sorrow!

ZICO: Lisa, I’m sorry. (walks over to PARK HYO JIN, reveals enormous booger) All I did was make mistakes.

PARK HYO JIN: Get off, XX!

ZICO: This would be the Stanislavski system of acting you’re seeing. I just now really was a man who had lost the woman he loved.

JANG SUNG HOON: Impressive, newbie, but you’re not a true Method master.

ZICO: If that’s the case, try acting the fool for once.


ZICO: Yeah!

JANG SUNG HOON: Step aside!

JANG SUNG HOON runs over to lamp post and starts beating his head against it.

GIRL 1: Sung Hoon! Sung Hoon!

BOY 1: You can’t be serious! You can’t!

KUN HYUK SOO: Leave him alone! So he can focus, leave him alone.

JANG SUNG HOON turns around, revealing that he has broken his own nose and knocked his own teeth out. And are those supposed to be his brains running out of his nose? It’s not like he has any lines after this, so I fear the worst.

ZICO: My God! In order to act the fool, the fool actually destroyed himself!

Students laugh and applaud.

KUN HYUK SOO (to ZICO): Really, this is your last chance. Let’s see you act like you’re dying!

ZICO sits down with a bowl of brown fluid. He drinks the fluid, chokes, and dies. Students laugh and applaud.

KUN HYUK SOO (tasting the liquid): It’s cola! Cola!

Students applaud. BOY 1 checks on ZICO.

BOY 1: Wait a minute! He’s dead!



Birth secrets!


Back in the classroom

TEACHER: Kim Doo Yung?


TEACHER: Park Hyo Jin?


TEACHER: The results of your physical exams show . . . that you are half-siblings.

KIM DOO YUNG: I beg your pardon? It can’t be! We’re in love!

PARK HYO JIN: Doo Yung! Let’s run away someplace where no one can ever find us!

KIM DOO YUNG: Let’s go!

ZICO: What kind of drama is this?

JANG SUNG HOON: It’s normal Korean drama.

ZICO: Aiiigh! I can’t take it any more! You people are all cheesy actors!*


KIM DOO YUNG: What? Cheesy!


ZICO: Yeah, cheesy!

KUN HYUK SOO: That’s pretty bold of a new student to knock our acting!

ZICO: I was born a natural actor! You’ll see how good I am! Witness acting!


* If you want some fun, plug 막장 연기 into Google Images.

The medical drama!


JANG SUNG HOON: Ah, this XX is so frustrating!*

He grabs the ball from KUN HYUK SOO but falls, scraping his knee

KIM DOO YUNG: Sung Hoon, are you OK?

Cut to DOCTOR’s office

DOCTOR: Checking his vitals! His heart rate has fallen to 100 beats per minute! He now has a superficial injury! Prepare for an operation!

KUN HYUK SOO: Doctor! Is Sung Hoon going to be OK?

DOCTOR: You need to prepare yourself. . . . Don’t worry, Sung Hoon. I have (holds up bottle of mercurochrome) the red stuff. I’ll perform red stuff surgery!

ZICO: He just needs mercurochrome?

JANG SUNG HOON: Doctor! I will not accept this treatment.


JANG SUNG HOON: My soul dwells within the scab.

BOY 1: It’s not? Is it one of writer Im Sung Han’s dramatic speeches?**

JANG SUNG HOON: The reason is becoming plainly clear. This world, it pretends to be outstanding, but people just get by. Together . . . we try to get along.

ZICO: I’m seriously losing my mind!


* Many thanks to SooZee of EatYourKimchi for this timely video!

** Im Sung Han is a writer of Korean dramas who is known for giving characters long, flowery speeches.

The next bit was just too glorious to let wait a day


I thought I’d just do a little to get a jump start on tomorrow, but OMG…. (And BOY 2 has a name! He is KUN HYUK SOO, and this is very important.)


KUN HYUK SOO: Then we should look for you there tomorrow?

JANG SUNG HOON: There tomorrow!

ZICO: See you tomorrow–what time and place?

The next day, ZICO enters the gym, where the other boys play basketball

ZICO: Oh? Yesterday this was where we were all supposed to meet.

JANG SUNG HOON: Hey! Hyuk Soo!

He throws the ball to KUN HYUK SOO. Dramatic music starts. KUN HYUK SOO’s lines are from a basketball magna called Slam Dunk.


BOY 1: Eh?

KUN HYUK SOO: Say my name.

BOY 1: Eh?


KUN HYUK SOO: Yes, I am Kun Hyuk Soo. A man who does not know surrender. Coach! Coach, how long until glory’s time? My time . . . is now.

ZICO: Now, this fakery could certainly stop!

Minute 2!


Here’s the second minute of the very funny skit I’m translating–this is maybe not so much material, but the next scene has a LOT of talking, so I figured I’d get this posted since that’s going to take some time. (Still no snot–that doesn’t happen until the final scene.)

I really had to guess at the teacher’s lines at the beginning here. I’m assuming the first line (which makes no sense to me) is a reference to a drama or movie I haven’t seen–maybe something like The Ring, where there’s some kind of curse involved? Or perhaps it’s a reference to an unlucky number? Any input is welcome, because I’m stumped. [ETA: Yay! Someone else did a translation! I’m using their line and crediting it–yes, the person is clearly not a native English speaker, but you can get the gist of the meaning from their translation, which is more than I can say for mine. Although I’d still like the reference.]


TEACHER: Okay, since today is 8th days, number 18 please coming here and resolve as question number eight.*

Two students have mysterious fits

ZICO: Ah! Why are you doing that?

Student falls out of chair

ZICO: Ooh!

TEACHER: Unfortunately, only two students gave the morning drama their all.

ZICO: What? Morning drama? What school does this?


TEACHER: So, today’s class is over.

KUN HYUK SOO: Salute the teacher!

STUDENTS: Thank you!


TEACHER leaves. PARK HYO JIN starts to take off her clothing

ZICO: Oh! Oh!

PARK HYO JIN ropes up

ZICO: Huh?

PARK HYO JIN stands in the window

PARK HYO JIN: See you tomorrow! (She jumps)

ZICO: Why did she go out that way? It’s the first floor!

JANG SUNG HOON: She’s an Action major.



* Credit Anandayu hee

I’m doing a translation!


I’m not really good enough to be doing translations, but it’s getting hard to motivate to do flash cards and review grammar rules as I wait for my next Korean class to finally roll around, so I decided to spice things up.

This was REALLY funny, and aside from some awesome GIF sets produced by Zoe of wxxzico, I have not seen any translations:

I’m slow, so I’m only up to 1:15 in (well before the massive booger scene, if you’re worried about that), but I figured I’d put up what I have since it’s taking me forever and some is better than none. Definitely if you know Korean better than I do (which would not be hard), feel free to chime in with improvements–help me learn!

There were a couple of things that I totally could not get, but luckily, Zoe got them! So I used her translations for two sentences, which I’ve marked with footnotes.


SNL High School

ZICO: Here, through the front, I’m dropping in on . . . Applied Acting?

ZICO enters classroom. JANG SUNG HOON stands before the class. BOY 1 stands next to him, head down.

JANG SUNG HOON: Hey! What grades should I give you all, huh? Are you gonna run to XX University after this?

Grabs BOY 1’s cheek.

JANG SUNG HOON: What does your father do? What does your father do?

BOY 1: He’s in the mafia.*

JANG SUNG HOON: Good for you! (Slaps BOY 1)


JANG SUNG HOON: XX! Stand up straight, XX!

TEACHER enters room

TEACHER: Hey, Jang Sung Hoon!


TEACHER: Your acting has gotten much better!

JANG SUNG HOON: Thank you, teacher!

ZICO: What? They were acting?

TEACHER: Today we have a new student.

ZICO: Hi. Zico. Pleasure.

JANG SUNG HOON (singing): Now at this moment

The whole class together

Along with the teacher

Permits Zico to be in class!

TEACHER: Sung Hoon, are you taking a class on musicals?


TEACHER: Let’s start the lesson.

Dramatic spotlight on GIRL 1

GIRL 1: At breakfast, I ate something that clearly disagrees with me. A lot! Now do I need to fart, or to poop?

ZICO: What did she go and do that for?

Why is she having a monologue?**

JANG SUNG HOON: We’ve done stage dramas for too long. Nobody realizes that they’re monologues.


* Credit wxxzico

** Credit wxxzico

ETA: Fun fact! Google Translate translates the Korean second-person plural pronoun as “Y’all.” I’m wondering if I could get it to shift over to “Youse.”