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Let’s check U-Kwon’s underwear!


Wardrobe malfunction!

If you need it for science or something, you can kind of see something’s wrong with the seam here (the bright green is actually a gusset–B-Bomb has the same):


But the main entertainment value is his expression….

Of course, they gaily discuss it afterwards (the translation isn’t very complete, but you can get the gist).

Reminds me of the old days….


Watch your underwear!


I always like M Countdown‘s “fan cams” a billion times more than their actual broadcasts–I think it’s because you can actually see the choreography.

And this time, if you’re curious, you can also see U-Kwon’s nipples! I guess he felt like it wasn’t fair that B-Bomb had all the fun last time.

But we focus on serious issues on this blog, so I’d like to take the conversation a little further south and discuss what’s going on with their underwear. It looks to me like B-Bomb and U-Kwon have, as I’d hoped, discovered the exciting world of undergarments designed especially for male dancers.

The thing about such underwear is that, if you have the standard male equipment, you typically have some positioning options: You can “tuck in” and use the undergarment to hold your junk up against your body, making it all less visible, or you can “tuck out,” which is what they did here.

The result is a far more supported look than, say, harem pants without underwear.

But such undergarments can act a bit, in Alan Cumming’s words, “like a Wonder Bra for the male junk.”

(P.O’s approach is a little different, because P.O learned long ago to just let The Whale do the talking.)

Anyway, needless to say we should admire this “tucking out” as it demonstrates our oppars’ selfless dedication to their “sleazy gangster” concept, because in real life they are totally pure virgins with no understanding of sex or sexuality.


U-Kwon is asking because he does not know. B-Bomb is not answering because he doesn’t know, either.

* * *

All right, enough fun. What’s been going on with My Zone and the Bastarz’ releases so far?

I keep complaining about the Japanese market being opaque and weird, and My Zone threw in another wrinkle, because it is an album, and apparently Japanese albums are very different creatures than Japanese CD singles. In particular they usually sell less, which is odd to me, because there’s more music on the albums. (Of course, if you were buying Block B’s Japanese CD singles all along, you already have most of the music on My Zone, so maybe that’s it.)

My Zone sold only about 17,500 copies its first week of release, which seems really bad compared to Block B’s earlier releases, but because it’s an album, it ranked well-enough on Oricon and just as well on Billboard Japan‘s album chart as Block B usually does. Plus Block B seems to be getting plenty of press, so I don’t think this went badly, but of course it’s hard to tell.

And I saw Welcome 2 Bastarz on iTunes Japan’s albums chart at #26 a couple of days ago, so once again the Japanese releases in Japan seem to be helping the Korean releases there as well. I don’t think it will hurt that My Zone was released internationally–for a while there “My Zone” was the top-selling Block B song on U.S. iTunes, although it’s not now.

There’s no Gaon numbers up for the Welcome 2 Bastarz album or “Make It Rain”–“Selfish & Beautiful Girl” was #16 on Gaon’s digital chart, which looks kind of bad, except that it was #3 on the download chart.

So, there is an audience, but as I think as one might expect for a pre-release from a sub-unit, the audience is a little more niche-y, especially since we’re not seeing the impact of promotions yet. Bastarz doesn’t have Zico’s brand working for them, so it makes sense that they’re not getting this HUGE immediate response. It’s not really anything to worry about–it’s not like they’re under some huge pressure to deliver enormous results today.


Traffic to for the past 30 days.

Speaking of Zico: I’m finding the MAMA voting results to be pretty interesting, because he’s doing really well in the Top Male Artist category.


And the biggest group of voters are from China.


I think that’s The Collaboration at work there.

Of course, Zico’s already scheduled to perform in Seoul the day after the MAMAs, and the knock on them is that they’re like the Golden Globes–if you don’t show up, you ain’t gonna win. So we’ll see. (ETA: Hey, he’s a Top 10 artist for the Melon Music Awards–good for him!)

I don’t think this REALLY proves it


It’s kind of upside-down from my theory about the increased traffic I’ve been seeing, but V App is definitely driving traffic today:

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 9.56.44 PM

People are going to the Links page to get to Zico’s V App.

(There’s a lot of good stuff in it, but I think my absolute favorite moment was when Taeil THREW his body over his underwear to keep it from being filmed.)

Vital insights on important issues of the day


Park Kyung on whether or not to worry about music-show wins.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.55.43 PM

My two cents. We had wins on 4/20, 4/21, and 4/24; K-Con France went up on the Schedule page 4/21.

Jay Park on underwear.

And if Block B can keep doing super-cheesy PSAs, that would be awesome.

This was right up there with the milk campaign, with the added bonus of them stupidly doing suicidal things! I’m hoping for fire-safety next. (Should you douse yourself in kerosene? I’m not sure!)



So, it’s been quite the season for Korean hip-hop in the Pacific Northwest–last month, it was Dynamic Duo in Vancouver, and this month it was AOMG in Seattle.

(And the only reaction the line outside the venue got from passers-by was them honking their horns and whooping at us. Because we were going to party! It was a slightly less Asian crowd than Dynamic Duo but still largely Asian, so yeah. Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on in Vancouver, but whenever anyone complains that Americans are too politically correct about race, remember that there are worse things to be. Like hostile.)

Anyway, I hate to start off on a negative note, but I really disliked many things about the venue. The Showbox SODO is a club, not a theater, so the stage was like this:


It was not that high compared to where we were standing, the floor did not slant up so that you could see over the people in front of you, and the layout was narrow and deep, so that you were always far from the stage. (I’m not going to have great pictures. Which is a shame, because SOMEBODY finally took his shirt off!)

Not helping matters was the AOMG light stick, which was this large tube with multicolored lights. They look really cool:


But they’re thick and long and block your view like a motherfucker.

The lineup was Simon Dominic, Loco & Gray (who performed together), and Jay Park, with DJ Pumpkin as, you guessed it, DJ.

It started with the Reading of the Rules. I found this confusing, because it went like this.

CONCERT GUY: Flashing is not permitted.

ME (shouting): What sort of flashing?

CONCERT GUY (looking judgmental): I didn’t hear that.

He then made us repeat “No flash!”–and then he made a joke about flashing us. Even now, I have no idea if they meant that flash photography was not permitted, or if taking off your clothes was not permitted.

Rule #2 was that we should “respect the artists” and not throw anything at them.

Was either rule followed, and if not, what happened? Read on to find out!

Simon Dominic started out, and he was fucking amazing. He’s one of these guys who never seems to even breathe–he sounds like he could rap non-stop for the entire three minutes of a song without any trouble whatsoever. His English isn’t very good (which REALLY amused the two young Korean guys standing next to me), but he said nice things about Seattle and being happy to be here.

Then Gray and Loco came out–I think it was Loco first, then Gray, but they basically performed as a unit. Since their voices are at about the same range, they even split songs so that they could both perform them. At one point Loco screwed up and rapped when Gray was supposed to–it was pretty funny because Gray was just like, Dude! and Loco ended the line and Gray picked up the next one.

I was able to get fairly close to the stage, but as their set went on people started to crowd in because they were expecting Jay Park, and I got hotter and thirstier and hotter and thirstier…. Finally I realized that the one advantage of the venue was that their was no way for the performers to see if you snuck off and went to the bar for a bottle of water and a really horrible Cape Cod, so that’s what I did. (And that’s where I took the second picture from.)

After I drank, I went back down–I didn’t want to get into the scrum again, so I went around to the other side, and I was actually able to get fairly close.


And Jay Park came out! He went from the sweatshirt to the tank top to no shirt at all, which was glorious (no lie–he looks really good), but unfortunately none of the shirtless photos came out, so you’ll have to be satisfied with this.


He was great–the problem was that he didn’t perform as much as I would have liked. In fact, he had two Seattle rappers come on up there and perform their songs.

Now, I appreciate that Jay is a generous and wonderful human being who wants to promote new talent. That’s swell. But I bought a ticket to see AOMG, and instead I got four songs performed by people who frankly were not at that level. (Simon Dominic didn’t perform many more than four songs, and trust me, he shits better rap than these guys.)

The first guy was not too bad, but the second drove me into a stall in the ladies’ room, where I waited until he went away. Then I came back out, and Jay Park was like, I want to show you my AOM b-boy crew!

Well, I was thrilled–I’m always up to watch b-boying, and Cha Cha Malone was there–but there was a small problem: You couldn’t see the dancers. This had been a problem even before Jay Park came out, because (being AOMG) there were these really great backup dancers who would periodically come out, get low, and disappear entirely. Then when Jay came out himself, well, of course he loves to dance, so they’d all do stuff that looked like it might have been really cool, if only you could have seen it.

With the AOM crew–it was like a sick joke. They’d toprock (not that you could see their feet), and then they’d vanish. Then you’d see their little sneakers kick up in the air. Then you’d see Simon Dominic and Loco (who brought their cameras) smile with delight at whatever the fuck was going on there.

At this point, I was seriously contemplating just going to my car and heading home.

I didn’t, and I’m glad I didn’t, because the final part of the show was all four of them doing songs like “Bo$$” and generally burning down the house. It was really great–Simon Dominic spent an entire verse dragging Gray around by the face, it was hilarious.

And now: What happened with the Rules?

Was their flashing? I believe so, and of both kinds. I did notice someone’s phone flash go off once, although the person promptly fixed it.

I also noticed Simon Dominic looking very happy at someone close to the stage–he was grinning like a serious perv. Then he’d put his hand up in a sort of No/I’m blocking my view gesture. Then he’d drop his hand and grin some more. Then he’d put his hand up again.

Were objects thrown at the performers? Definitely yes. Someone threw a bra at Jay Park–and not a sexy bra, either, but a HUGE beige support bra. This kind of bra, except with the even-less-sexy foam-lined cups.

What did he do? Well, first he tried to put it on Loco, and then he tried to put it on himself, and then he left it up on the turntable.

They’re kind of into mixed messages over at AOMG….

Anyway–I am glad I went, and I would go see them again, but I would greatly prefer a different venue. (ETA: Am I jealous? Yes.)

Questions I ask myself


Do any of them even own underwear? Did Taeil just keep borrowing everyone’s underpants until they eventually gave up on wearing them and got comfortable going commando? Was the underwear that P.O pulled out during that 5 Minutes Before Chaos teaser a prop purchased especially for the occasion?

Assuming they go commando just for the stage: How did this decision come about? Whose idea was it? Why did everyone eventually agree to it? Was there a meeting? Did they vote? Did wardrobe have some sort of input, or was it the guys themselves?

Jaehyo is wearing underwear in the Blockbuster DVD–is he viewed as some kind of holdout, or is theirs a more live-and-let-approach?

How do they do quick changes backstage? Is there a screen, or do they just really trust their dressers?