So much is going on….


I’ve been very busy, and the members of Block B are very busy, so I feel like I’m constantly a half-step behind.

They finally put out the cover art for the new Japanese best-of album, so that’s up on now.

Taeil is doing a TV show:

Zico is doing a TV show, performing at about a million university festivals, and showing up at Swing’s concert unannounced:

(Although when it comes to surprise appearances, he’ll never really top this:

If you didn’t know, Zico did the “Mallow-Mallow-Mallow-yeah” bit in the original song–although be warned that the video came out back when IU had the incredibly creepy Sexy Baby image.)

U-Kwon is getting ready for his musical, Park Kyung is about to start a new season of his TV show, B-Bomb is doing his play, T2U’s second Japanese tour is coming right up, and P.O is doing whatever the fuck this is:

Seriously, I have no idea….


A quick note about Block B Journey


If you haven’t seen it on Twitter, there’s a puzzle game called Block B Journey up there now, which people are loving. (I am frantically busy and can’t play, so play on my behalf, and I will envy you.) It looks great, but I did want to point out to people that it is the creation of a truly awesome fan, so 1. don’t be dicks about the game, and 2. don’t assume it Means Something about the group.

I know exactly what’s going on!


While other people try to be all responsible, I totally KNOW what’s happening with Park Kyung’s living situation! Because it’s my business! And there’s nothing at all weird about focusing on whether or not a grown man living on the other side of the world has roommates!

Here you go! The truth is:

He’s moved in with Secret Wife #3, #4, and #8.

Living the dream!

Or maybe he just got tired of finding chicken in his shoes.