Grannies love DJ Doc! (Hey, at least Zico didn’t have to steal the trophy this time.)

So, do you think Woo Chan’s parents are going to let Nucksal adopt him?


And I thought “Freeze” was bad


This came out today from Babylon (fun!):

And someone mentioned in the comments that he used to be in an idol group.

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Oh my God–I mean, I wasn’t expecting it to be good, but….

Seriously, if they’d made him clench any harder, he would have broken himself right into two!

Poor Babylon. I have a sudden understanding of his preference for 1. choosing himself which producer to work with, and 2. baggy layers of clothing….

Bad-attitude Zico is the best Zico


Somebody’s not handling the big push for the finale of Show Me The Money very well.

Not shocking, considering how he was before the show even started.

Of course, Zico has a certain reputation to uphold….

Hurry on out, so that I can mud you!

About what I expected


K-Pop, K-Fans translated this a few days ago: Apparently artists get almost nothing from streaming. Judging from the comments, the article was about the Korean streaming service Melon; of course, the amount does vary from service to service (and the percentage going to the producers/composers would vary depending on the contract). Still, the relatively paltry amount musicians get from streaming (and YouTube) is certainly an issue in the United States–streaming is better than pirating, for sure, but there’s good reason why Park Kyung has been telling fans to be sure to download the songs.

Anyway, that’s something to keep in mind. There are often fan campaigns to stream songs, with international fans signing up for Korean music services and the like. Just like with campaigns to increase YouTube views, there’s nothing wrong with participating in these things–they definitely do no harm to the musicians and maybe a little good. But 1. streaming or viewing a song is certainly no substitute for buying it–the latter is far better for the bottom line–and 2. if these types of campaigns are stressing you out and doing harm to you, don’t feel guilty about skipping them.

And, hey! A teaser! Cool!

Fandom in-jokes: The shields


I saw this on OneHallyu, and I believe this marks the first time I actually have been tempted to start an account over there (I won’t, don’t worry).

Why? Because someone had a question about a very old (as in, I can’t remember or find where I read the explanation for it, and that happened a few years ago, so we’re going to have to rely on my creaky memory here) K-BBC in-joke:

What’s with the parentheses? They represent shields.

You’ve heard of fans “shielding” idols, right? Well, K-BBCs tended to tease the members of Block B pretty ruthlessly on the fan cafe, and it turned out that this actually bothered some of the members. So the joke began that you had to “shield” a member from humor that was possibly a bit mean. And you did this by writing their name with little shields around it. For example, if memory serves, B-Bomb was a bit sensitive, so you’d write his name (((((B-Bomb)))) to indicate that you were shielding him from pain.

At one point, though, Zico (again, if memory serves) told fans that they should “turn the shields around!” and start ragging on B-Bomb again. So then fans started to write his name ))))B-Bomb((((. If you were only half-shielding him, you’d do it ((((B-Bomb(((( or ))))B-Bomb)))).

So ((((BBC)))) ))))Block B(((( basically means: Be nice to the fans, but feel free to drag the members!