Project-1 is up on regular iTunes! Yay!

They’re releasing only the Red-Type edition digitally, but if you have to have the Blue-Type (the instrumental tracks are different), Amazon is carrying the CD, and it’s Prime eligible. Although they say it’s out of stock, and CD Japan is saying that the first press of the Blue-Type edition is already sold out…which is promising, don’t you think?


Go-go P.O!


YES! P.O is releasing a solo!

Man, I’ve loved his stuff! But I do wonder what kind of direction he’s going to go in. Will it be like this:

Or like this (which would run a bit counter to his image these days, but that might not stop him)?

Or maybe he’ll surprise us all with the sentimental love ballad “Dara.” (“You used to be on my feet/But now you’re in my heart/Oh, Dara, Dara, Sandara/I bribed that producer/To bribe that fortune teller/To tell you that I love you, oh, Dara.”)

I know some people are like, But what about that much-hinted-about group comeback (which continues to be hinted about, some more)? Between the Project-1 release, the filming schedule for P.O’s drama (which airs today!), and Chuseok, it wasn’t something I thought would be happening next week or anything. (In fact, I was honestly confused about why they were hinting so hard about something that obviously can’t happen right away.)

But now P.O’s release is happening next week! That’s actually pretty smart–they can release P.O’s single while the spotlight is on him, and then in later October/November/whenever P.O ends filming do a full-group comeback. (And there’s nothing preventing them from doing a group release within a few weeks of a solo release. They do that all the time; that kind of flexibility is one of the advantages of these minimalist releases.)

ETA: P.O’s show won its time slot–cool!

I’m just going to point this out


You know Zico’s totally new and utterly respectable hand sign for Fanxy Child?

좌 #dean @deantrbl 우 #zico @woozico0914

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It’s an “F,” right? For Fanxy Child! I mean, what else could it be?

Funny thing: He used to make the same hand sign an awful lot a few years ago.

I guess I’m doing this post in honor of his birthday? But yeah, one of the benefits of getting all old and respectable is that you can recycle the completely obscene tropes of your youth, and no one gives you shit about it. (Probably because they’re too young to understand it, goddam kids….)

The hints are falling thick and fast, aren’t they?


They’re never exactly subtle, are they?


Zico, Zico, Zico!


Somebody managed to do a near-complete, high-quality fan cam of Zico’s performance at the Lime Tree Festival–it’s really nice, especially his use of a live band.

(Meanwhile in Japan, fans are being told to stop taking pictures of the Taeil/U-Kwon concerts. Le sigh. Hopefully that will ease up when the tour ends. ETA: Here’s one of U-Kwon! And Taeil!)

Anyway, the amusing thing from all of Zico’s festival performances this summer is–remember how people used to complain that Block B was “Zico & Friends”?

There it is! Not Block B, or Fanxy Child, or Buckwilds, or even the Zico/Babylon/Eden lineup KQ has been booking lately, but when the combination gets totally random in terms of group affiliation, “Zico & Friends” it is!