More top-quality Korean K-Pop journalism


Not for the first time, the Korean media is demonstrating that it is completely unreliable even when reporting on issue of great seriousness: A woman claimed that she was sexually assaulted by an unnamed idol, and then retracted the claim that the idol was involved, so a Korean media outlet posted a picture of a particular idol–you know, just some guy they picked out of a hat or something–along with the story. Because why wouldn’t you?

Fucking Christ.

Again, remember that, with K-Pop news, the best case scenario is that you are reading an accurate English translation of some incredibly shitty journalism.

ETA: Oh, nice, a Japanese K-Pop news Twitter account put a Block B hashtag on a Tweet about the story (it’s been deleted, and they’ve apologized). Good to know that shitty, irresponsible K-Pop news reporting is truly a global phenomenon! The best bit is that Block B was IN FUCKING JAPAN when the assault happened!


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  1. They actually published a picture??! jfc…The only thing I’d read about this til now was on Soompi this AM where the idol was referred to as “A” but Inspirits were flipping out in the comments section.I wondered why they would assume anyone from Infinite would be involved….that’s downright scary.

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